Music Tuition

music-sheetMusic Tuition has a very high priority at St Anne Line Junior School.

Our children all learn the flute as a whole class in Years 5 and 6. This gives every child the opportunity to experience the pleasure of playing an instrument, reading music and performing as an ensemble.

There is a choir at school, and they perform each term at festivals and school concerts. We have termly music evenings where children who take music lessons have the opportunity to perform to an audience. These are very popular.

Further tuition is available from our peripatetic music teachers, Miss Bache and Mr Lilley. Currently, we have children learning guitar, keyboard and violin, to name but a few.

Singing lessons are very popular and are provided by Miss O’Keefe.

These additional lessons are provided by Essex Music Services at a subsidised cost of £70.00 per term, and are booked termly, by arrangement through contacting the office.