The Role of a Governor

My name is Chris Burkett – most of you will know me from the school office. I am also the Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor.

Safeguarding requires many policies and procedures put into place to keep our children safe. These Policies include Safer Recruitment, Health & Safety, Anti Bullying, Positive Behaviour & Good Discipline, Child Protection, Safeguarding, Drug Education, Equal Opportunities, Extended Schools,  First Aid, PSHE, Racial Equality, Sex Education and Confidentiality among others.

So what do I do in this role?

One of my responsibilities is to ensure that the school has an effective Child Protection Policy. I update Governors on any changes that have been brought into place so that they can be discussed before the Governing Body ratify the policy. I send out an annual Safeguarding Report to Governors and ensure that Safeguarding is an agenda item at every meeting. At no time do Governors have details to individual Child Protection cases.

Governors agreed and implemented phase 1 of 2 regarding the boundary fencing. Phase 2 will take place once finances have been reviewed. Governors also made the decision to have all volunteers that work within the school to have CRBs. This included every Governor.

I have been on Child Protection training – not only as a legal requirement as a member of staff –  but by choice as a Governor and will be going again on 3rd June to learn more about what my responsibilities include.

I was strongly involved in the recent E-Safety and Mobile Phone Usage Policy in school monitoring the E-Safety week that took place.

My day time job at school enhances my Governors responsibilities for Safeguarding as I deal with it every day. For instance, among many other tasks, I make sure Risk Assessments are given out to teachers to complete and then I will file them, arrange first aid training, give first aid, arrange training for staff with specialist nurses when applicable, telephone parents to advise them when their child has had a bang to the head etc, Check ID from visitors coming into school (including taxi drivers ID when they are collecting children!) & ensure medication sheets have been received from parents and the medication log book filled in when necessary.

I hope this gives you a small window of insight into how seriously we take Safeguarding at this school to ensure that every aspect of care is given to your child.