Parent Teacher Association


Our current Parent Teacher Association was launched in Autumn 2014. There was a PTA formerly, but this slowly ran down, mostly due to a lack of interest, until it ceased to function.

Simone Gauci Branca-LeoneAfter we decided to re-launch it, Simone Gauci Branca-Leone was voted in as Chairperson. Simone shows a great enthusiasm to be involved in and a willingness to commit her time to this project. Simone has a daughter currently in the infant school and a daughter in year 6.   There is also an older son in secondary education at De-La-Salle. These links, especially with our Infant School, are viewed as of prime importance as it is hoped that there will be joint events in the future.

Although the PTA is still in its infancy, we have initiated several projects and run social events. We have many ideas and future events planned, several of which are now ‘in the diary’.

Presently, the PTA has a small membership and would welcome new members. It would be ideal to have parents from each class.

The joint staff and parental involvement demonstrates of the importance a school PTA and we see it as an opportunity for parents to become involved in the school community and the larger Catholic Education Community.

To volunteer, or if you would like more information, please contact us at: