Student Council

The St Anne Line Student Council plays an active role in the life of the school. Every class has two representatives who share their groups concerns and issues with the council. It is then up to the Student Council to take action.

We are very proud of the work that our Councillors have undertaken. They have been involved in deciding on playground equipment and also choosing members of staff.

For more information on our councillors and future events, watch this space!

School Council News

We meet every fortnight on a Friday morning in the Staffroom with the Chair of Governors.

This term we welcome new members to be our new School Council.

Class 1
Anegleen Joshua
Class 2
Zoe Lewis
Class 3
Chloe J Jesse O
Class 4
Felita Tobias
Class 5
Micha Steve
Class 6
Shannon Jesse B
Year 6
Anjy Callum Ellie-May